U.F.O. Unidentified Found Objects

An Art Exhibition by Dominique Jacques

Centre d’Art Citadines, Auroville, India. 9th – 31st October 2020.


The place is Auroville, the year is 2030.

On the 13th of February, at 1.30 pm, the young student, Moeni, returned to school with her dog to look for a book she had forgotten. As she was walking down the main corridor, her dog started to bark at an old cupboard. Driven by curiosity, Moeni opened the rickety cabinet and began rummaging through a stack of crumpled papers when suddenly she stumbled upon something she had never seen before. It looked like a weird artefact from the past. Something she had read about in history class: an ancient silver typewriter.

This was the first in a series of findings that have engaged the people of Auroville in a truly unique scavenger hunt. Since then people have come across an old phone, a roller skate, a microscope and other treasures. All of which have been found while going about their normal life doing the things they normally do like taking a walk, or shifting house or digging a field. By all accounts, they claim that the found objects seemed to be placed with great care as if purposefully hidden in plain sight.

The findings were initially identified as ancient relics from the eighties. Some people even said that they were nothing more than old stuff grandmothers had in their home but, it soon became clear, that these were not the typical “vintage” objects. No, these intentionally modified U.F.O.s (Unidentified Found Objects) emanate peculiar energy.

One by one, the findings started to add up and rumours of the U.F.O.s spread like wildfire, reaching the ears of a team of archaeologists who have come to study them in detail. Reaching a breakthrough a few months into their research, when a discovery made by a group of fishermen who found a precious map in an old fishing net warehouse, confirmed the theories of experts.

Showing the precise location of the objects, the map revealed a total of 24 hiding places. Aiding the experts who can now carry on the search for the missing pieces in a focused and methodical manner. Furthermore, the map proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the non-random thesis. Making it safe to say that the objects were produced and disseminated throughout the territory for a specific purpose. What might this purpose be, we have yet to discover.

 Thus far, the experts believe that these objects, which by now total 10, have a common thread and a definite purpose. To confirm their intuition, they have submitted the pieces to a series of highly specialized x-ray testing and mobile scans. The results are surprising. Examinations reveal that, in fact, each object exhibits a unique vibratory activity that emanates a particular energy field.

Like the scientists and the people who have found the U.F.O.s, we can allow our curiosity to surface as we do our best to reflect and try to find answers to the many questions that are being raised by this series of unexpected findings. Like for example:

Could it be that these particular objects were specifically chosen because of their original waveform and then “charged” to emit specific energy? Could this be the work of a small group of local researchers? Is it an alien joke? Or is the incomprehensible work of an artist?